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1 a radioactive transuranic element; discovered by bombarding curium with alpha particles [syn: californium, atomic number 98]
2 the most common congenital disease; the child's lungs and intestines and pancreas become clogged with thick mucus; caused by defect in a single gene; there is no cure [syn: cystic fibrosis, fibrocystic disease of the pancreas, pancreatic fibrosis, mucoviscidosis] adv : compare (used in texts to point the reader to another location in the text) [syn: cf., confer, see, see also]cf. adv : compare (used in texts to point the reader to another location in the text) [syn: cf, confer, see, see also]

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From confer.
  1. Collaborative Filtering


abbreviation Latin


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Cf or CF may stand for:


  • cf. is an abbreviation for the Latin word confer, meaning "compare" or "consult"
  • CF is an abbreviation for the Latin words coactus feci, meaning "done under coercion." These initials can be written when someone compels you to sign something you don't agree with (either completely or partially), and there is no way out.
  • CF can stand for Cited From a particular topic or source.

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